Hypnose The Game – Battle of the minds


Several hypnotists are vying for the title of Master hypnotists. Will YOU be able to claim this coveted title?



Hypnose (from Greek ύπνος hupnos, sleep) is a state of human consciousness involving focused attention and reduced peripheral awareness and an enhanced capacity for response to suggestion.


Several hypnotists are vying for the title of Master hypnotists. In order to be victorious, they will have to study obscure knowledge from rare books and courses, gather the tools of their trade and call on legendary coaches and colleagues. In a battle of sharp minds and irons wills, only the best can be victorious and claim the coveted title of Master hypnotist.


The players try to hypnotize each other by competing in hypnotic duels. The player who loses the duel reduces his Mental Resistance, until they are fully entranced at zero Mental Resistance. The player who has Mental Resistance remaining at the end is the winner.


Gamedesign and Idea: Jo Pirard & Patrick PickArt
Illustrations: Lina Zhao (kaarten), Sam Geussens (doos)
Graphic Design: Sander Reynders
Final Edit: Tom Pattyn
Playtesters: Rafaël Dera, Sander Reynders, Dirk Roox, Jef Denruyter, Ann Indestege, Wannes Vermeire, Wilfried Martens, Bart Heleven, Benjamin Symons

Publishers: ©2017 Studi-Jo Pi / OKUS Productions

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